Cartoon Nostalgia

Blast from the past!


Hey all you 90s babies! Here we go again! Your favorite cartoon characters are showing up once more on t-shirts, clothing, skateboards, backpacks, and other accessories.

What was your favorite cartoons back in the days? Bugs Bunny? Powerpuff Girls? Hey Arnold? Recess? Rugrats? My Little Pony?

Think back to your childhood memories of sitting in front of a 50″ big projection screen TV on a Saturday morning. No drama, no care in the world, no bills, no stress from work, no social media, no cell phones! You just laughed as you watched your favorite cartoon characters as they said silly things and made silly noises! Remember the days of Space Jam, Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd n’ Eddie, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, SpongeBob SquarePants? Some of you can now relive those days with your own kids! Yikes! Time flies!

Some may reject this trend and think it’s childish. But hey, of course it is! That’s the point!
If you’re feeling it and want to rock this trend again, then go for it! The world can be too serious these days and there’s too much stress and drama. Sometimes we need a flashback to times when our lives were much simpler. Be nostalgic! Think of those cartoons that made you laugh! Have fun being childish when it’s your choice because adulting is now our reality!


-Looney Tunes Long Sleeve: @Urbanoutfitters

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