Patch Me Up

The Fall season is here and we’re ready for the cover ups! The days are still warm here in SoCal as well as in Las Vegas where Cian is. But the nights are definitely getting colder! Denim is a great fabric that can transition from day to night. It’s great for places that have bi-polar weather where you have to layer and be prepared for varied temperatures. It’s also the official state fabric of California! Distressed, destroyed and cut-out denim has been a strong trend and still going! But for the colder weather let’s patch it up! Denim patchwork is a trend that you can easily do-it-yourself. Layer two toned denim and cover up the holes or go for a multi-colored patchwork look. Rize is wearing a two-toned denim trucker jacket with patched denim bell bottom jeans. Add a big patch of raw unwashed denim on one pant leg for an asymmetrical look like Rize or add small patches on both pant legs for an all over coverage. Cian is wearing a matching multi-patched denim jacket and jeans from Urban Outfitters. Either way, have fun with the denim patchwork trend and patch it up!


Cleaning out your closet? No more room? Ready to get rid of a few pieces of denim?
Recycle your denim for a good cause!

Where they “Give old denim a new purpose”.
They’ve been recycling and turning the used denim into insulation for 10 years, helping to build communities throughout the country. Visit their website for more information on how to participate and recycle your unwanted denim. Such a great program!



-Cian’s BDG Mom Jean: @UrbanOutfitters

-Cian’s BDG Colorblocked Denim Trucker Jacket: @UrbanOutfitters

-Cian’s Colorway Sunglasses: @zerouv

-Cian’s Photographer: @axgqz



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