Harness the Power!

boss lady
heels and standards high
close up
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Like corsets, although a harness is meant to restrict and keep something or someone in place, this harness has just done the opposite for me. It’s allowed me to bring out the fierceness inside and let me express my confidence! Posing like this was outside of my comfort zone but it’s empowered me to keep moving forward and try new things! Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself! You have many sides of you to still set free and explore. People may judge or criticize you but just remember…what they think is none of your business! Don’t mind the negative, just soak in the positive! Don’t let them take your power, don’t let them take your joy! You have to like yourself and that’s all that matters. Take control of your life and be your own boss. Be who you want to be…set yourself free!  #GirlPower #BossLady




-Harness: @Anarchystreet

-Sunglasss: @shopnoraNYC

-Dress shirt: (stolen from my husband lol)

-Shoes: @stevemadden

-Photographer: @cianelena

One thought on “Harness the Power!

  1. HAHAHA… ; ]) You stole your husbands shirt? It’s okay, it looks better and good on you with that harness, very sexy. I love your shoes too. I enjoy your blog very much… Thank you! I got another idea to do with my oversized shirt… Put harness around it…. like you did… hehehe… ; ]) Have a wonderful day blogging with beautiful daughter. More power to both of you… ; ])


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