Taking the “Guess”-work out of Chicago

Hi guys!

So finallyyyy getting to see Chi-town was amazing! I was originally there for a sorority conference, but was even more excited when @xoxopaula extended the invite to do a photoshoot with her during our stay (ahhhh thanks sis!). Anyways, here are the photos I promised!


Get ready, get set… to Corset! What was meant to be worn as under garments is now worn as an accessory on the outside. Corsets are a trend that keeps coming back. Since the 16th century women have worn corsets under their dresses to give them a small and narrow waist. Some wanted such a small waist that they would surgically remove a lower rib to achieve this! Still today, similar practices have been done. They would often suffer and tighten these corsets so tight that it would give them back problems, impede their normal breathing and often faint. The pocket knife was actually invented so that men could carry them around and quickly cut the lace of a woman’s corset. Sometimes fashion is not logical or comfortable but purely about aesthetics. People do crazy things to look fashionable! The current trend is to wear an oversized shirt and a laced up corset belt. It’s not as restrictive because it’s made of a stretch fabric with elastane. It still gives the illusion of a thinner waist but definitely more comfortable! Cian styles her look in a casual yet feminine way. It’s girly and edgy and perfect for the windy city of Chicago!


-oversized shirt: @Guessoriginals x @urbanoutfitters

-corset belt: Amazon.com

-boots: @boohoo.com

One thought on “Taking the “Guess”-work out of Chicago

  1. You look marvelous in all your outfit. Photo shoot in Chicago, wonderful!! Enjoy life to the fullest… Keep more beautiful photos coming. Can’t wait for more!!! Love it!!! ; ])


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