Stand Out in Camo

Stand out, don’t hide! For soldiers in the military like my son, who is currently in active duty and my husband who is a veteran, camo is considered everday wear meant to camoflauge and diguise them and make them blend into their surroundings. We’re a proud military family and always support our troops!
Camo is also a staple for hunters and lots of southern folks. To them it’s not a trend, it’s a must-have in their wardrobe. My husband is from Savannah, Georgia and grew up with camo gear. They think it’s funny that we call it a trend. It’s been around for years and is now also a classic on the streets. But it’s not meant to blend and disguise yourself, it’s meant to stand out in the concrete
jungle we call our cities.
Wear it as a jacket paired with an athletic white mesh top and distress denim shorts. To really stand out you can throw on a bright shirt, shoes or accessory. Whether you’re in the desert like Cian or in the city like me, camo is a classic that any age, any gender, anyone can wear for any activity. Camo is definitely going to be around for awhile so don’t hesitate to include it in your wardrobe and wear it on the streets.

I definitely took que from Cian on this look. She sent me her photos wearing her camo ensemble and I had fun trying to copy it. We’ve done this throughout the years as a joke, where I try to mimic what she was wearing and imitate her poses in photos for fun. I love seeing and hearing her reaction! You’ll read more about our fun and quirky competition as mother and daughter, later in another post. When I saw that Cian had her photoshoot in the desert with an ATV, I thought how cool would it be to contrast her and take mine in the city on a motorcycle. Stand out in Camo regardless of your age!

Camo coat: H&M
Athletic mesh top: Urban Outfitters
Distressed denim shorts: Aeropostale
Burgundy lace up boots: Steve Madden
Choker: DIY-climbing cord


mesh top: DIY (from a laundry bag lol)

distressed bermuda jeans: @2020ave

Photographer: @sinemashotyou


One thought on “Stand Out in Camo

  1. Wow!!! Great camo! Both very appealing! Sexy mother and beautiful daughter competition…. Very HOT!!! Keep up the great work!!! Can’t wait for another chapter of the competition… Have a wonderful day!!! ; ])


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