Sporty & Spice…Race to the Winner’s Circle!


This trend is straight out of the 90’s. I lived it, I wore it and it’s back! Being in fashion and tracking trends, I’ve seen many make its way around the fashion cycle. It’s so funny to see how fashion in my young adult years is now called “retro”. For my younger friends who are in their teens and 20’s, ask your Mom if she sported this look and most likely it will bring back memories. For my fellow “Retro Fashionistas”, who says we can’t rock this look again and do it better a second time.

This look is inspired by active sports with its bold lines, contrasting colors and the black and white trim. Spice up the sporty look with sleek over the knee boots like Cian or keep it classic and wear a varsity inspired bomber like Rize. Either way, the 90’s are back and in full force!

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bold, contrasting lines
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no athliesure here
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Keeping in line with the competitive nature of sports, here’s another blog from Rize…

Game On! Mother vs. Daughter

This blog was started because my daughter, Cian likes to copy my look (I’m sure she’ll love this statement, haha). We often send each other selfies of what we are wearing and noticed that we have similar tastes in trends. We would joke around about who copied who first. She would say “Mom, stop copying me!” I would respond, “I don’t think so,

I wore this first”. The funny feud escalated into a crazy competition. We would even steal each other’s clothes then try to mimic the same look.

Cian and her brothers used to make fun of me because I would try to dress them when they were in high school. I would tell them “But it’s ‘IN’ “. Being in the fashion industry didn’t mean anything to them. They would just roll their eyes and ignore me. I finally just left them alone and let them be. I used to laugh and say how none of my kids took my creative side. I would even encourage them to try and explore new looks, get a mohawk, color their hair or be edgy and wear something different. Nope, didn’t happen. It’s funny how things have changed since they are all adults now. They actually ask for my opinion…wow!

Cian is very feisty and has a strong competitive nature. I’ll take credit for her feistiness. She likes to push my buttons and I’ll admit sometimes I do the same. She’s always been like that since she was a little girl. What used to get me aggravated is something I’m now thankful for. Along with our faith and belief in God, I believe part of the reason she was able to overcome so much in her young life, is because she’s so feisty, head-strong and determined. She’s a cancer survivor and believe me, she fought hard the whole way through!

Our mother and daughter relationship is anything but typical. We didn’t do the matching dress-up thing when she was younger. She was too head-strong and independent for that. That’s why it’s so funny that we’re doing that now! Life with Cian is definitely not easy, but truly fun, crazy and interesting! Never a dull moment! She used to say, “Why can’t you be like all the other cheer moms?” My response, “Because I’m not and I don’t want to be.” When she moved away for college and looked back, she said, “I’m glad that you’re not like all the other moms.” That meant a lot to me, coming from her. My sister used to say that we have a love-hate relationship. Call it what you want, but it works for us. I love my daughter and wouldn’t change her for the world! We fought her leukemia together and it was a tumultuous time to say the least. It tested us and made us realize how much we need each other and how important it is to let each other be who we are. We don’t always agree, but I’ve learned not to try and control her but to celebrate her life and enjoy her as she is. Our relationship is not perfect, but we have an unbreakable bond that miles apart cannot weaken. We’re closer than ever!

This blog has given us another reason to talk more often and have fun with each other. It’s our creative outlet where we can share a common passion. To express ourselves in a fun and competitive way and to see who wears it best. It’s not about who wins, it’s about enjoying life! This is a light-hearted competition. I know my daughter will mostly win because she has a great sense of style, but that doesn’t keep me from having fun and trying! My husband, Will and I always love when our kids excel and we’ll be right behind them supporting them all the way! Cian is feisty and fierce, just the way I like her!

Come along on this journey with us and let’s have some fun!

Cian, I love you… but Game On!

Do you ever dress like your Mom? Let us know…

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Level 500
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try me
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obsessed with this jacket

Cian’s Details:

-Visor: @nike

-Dress: @riverisland

-bomber jacket: @zara


-photographer: @Jxposure


Rize’s Details:

-bomber jacket: Ashley by 26 international

-tank top: vintage Marika

-skirt: vintage DIY

-heels: @Stevemadden

-choker: @riverisland


3 thoughts on “Sporty & Spice…Race to the Winner’s Circle!

  1. Wow! You guys look marvelous! I love that sporty look. Cian looks like a model on her midrib clothes with necklace, black jacket, visor and high thigh boots. very beautiful!!! Black and white is very appealing…

    Rize is very classy in her black and white striped (on the side) dress, black high heel shoes combined with black and white jacket and black sunglasses… very nice. One thing I noticed though is Rize hair was on her face making it a little awkward, (darn wind).

    Keep posting guys. I love reading your blog and checking out what comes next on your wardrobe. I wish I have what you got….More power to both of you! Both of you WON my vote. Cannot choose one from the other. Have a great day!!! ; ])

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for all your great comments! I agree with the hair in my face…it looks awkward because it was very awkward! The wind kept pushing me over lol. For some reason Cian liked that pose haha. Maybe because she knows how awkward I really am lol! Have a great day as well!
      – Rize


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