Just Mesh’n Around for the Summa

“There are plenty more fish in the sea than just what you see”…We’ve all seen the “fishnet leggings” trend, but here are a few different ways to rock fishnets and mesh this season:

Vegas can get scorching hot during the summer! My mom and I did this photoshoot in Vegas where the heat can get as high as 120 degrees (yikes!). I chose to highlight this trend because when you think of summer fashion, you think of eliminating layers and wearing the bare minimum, just shy of being in your birthday suit. For some people though, they prefer more modesty no matter how hot the weather is. Let me tell you, getting to our photoshoot destination was an interesting journey. We had to park at one of the big hotels, then walk a ways to shoot at different locations on the Vegas Strip. Changing outfits was also challenging. We had to locate random bathrooms, then walked again to different hotels to get to the right garage, all in the Vegas summer heat! Thankfully, the mesh and fishnets we were wearing made it really breathable so we didn’t pass out in the heat. With fishnets/mesh details, you CAN wear black in the summer, and you CAN layer your clothing for added modesty like Rize. For work, Rize would wear a long blazer over her mesh top to make it edgy but professional. For fun, this would be great for the festival season. It’s a summer time, “crop-top and shorts” look, with a little twist like me.     -Cian

Cian’s top: @misspap

Cian’s fishnet bicycle shorts: @prettylittlething

Photographer: @jxposure

2 thoughts on “Just Mesh’n Around for the Summa

  1. Wow!!! Very beautiful and fashionable… Breathtaking!!! Both gorgeous mother and daughter duo… I kept watching it over and over again… I will follow your advise, I will wear black even in summertime. You both look marvelous!!! Keep more pictures coming….. You inspired me!!! LOVE IT!!!! ; ])


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