Moto Replay: Life on the Fringe

Moto jackets are a staple in your closet. Replay your classic moto jacket over and over again like Rize, or make a statement and edge it up with fringe like Cian. Whether it’s textured, pastel, metallic, faux or real leather, it’s a style that looks good in any fabric, any color, worn by any age or any gender.

“I’ve always been drawn to this classic style and I’ve seen it reinterpreted many times. Throw it over a floral slip dress for a punk and posh feel (or fierce girly look) or pair them with white distressed denim for a bit of grunge. Go black on black for a sleeker look and wear them with detailed slit leggings like me. Fad, fashion, or classic moto…it’s a go-to style that’s always in style.”    -Rize


“Coachella may be over, but the festival season is still very much alive! Fringe forever! I don’t chase trends…it’s too fast for me. Call it what you want; fashion, fad or classic, but I still love fringe! I wear what I like and what makes me feel good. Fashion recycles and eventually comes back around. For me… I’ll just wear it when I want and let the cycle catch back up to me. Stand still long enough and you’re back with the masses. Who wants to be the same anyway…be you and I’ll be me” 🙂    -Cian


Cian’s moto jacket: @missguided

Cian’s Shirt: thrifted @depop

Cian’s Choker: @bershkacollection

Cian’s Shoes: @boohoo / @boohoousa

Photographer: @sinemashotyou


2 thoughts on “Moto Replay: Life on the Fringe

  1. YOOOHOOO!!! You two are marvelous!!! Love your fashion!!! Yeah, I believed in what you’ve said Cian…. Be you! Both you and your Mom are beautiful!!!! Love it!!!! ; ]) I enjoyed your blog very much… Thank you… Please write more of your blog…. I love reading and looking at the pictures you posted…. More power to both of you!!!! Have a wonderful time on blogging…. Cn’t wait for more…


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